Product: New Vegan Fudge On The Block

Picture this – you’re settling in for the night, you’ve popped your favourite TV show on, the hot tea is brewing and the slipper socks are well and truly on. But wait, something is missing – a cheeky snack perhaps? That’s where Oh My Vegan’s new line of fudge comes into play.

Oh My Vegan founders and owners, Andrea and Matt hailing from Wynn Vale, South Australia, have been in the vegan dessert game since 2016 with a hiatus here and there. However, after discovering a gap in the market for vegan fudge, they’re back as of February 2021 and they reckon they’ve got their homemade fudge recipe down to a tee.

The Oh My Vegan fudge range currently consists of seven flavours; caramel, vanilla, choc sprinkles, cookies ‘n’ cream, coffee, choc mint and dark choc chilli fudge – all vastly different in pursuit to please everyone’s taste buds.

The bite-sized cubes of creamy fudge are handcrafted, gluten-free and remarkably melt in the mouth due to the use of familiar ingredients including condensed coconut milk and Nuttelex. Each piece of fudge is luscious and soft which leaves a buttery coating over your tongue, enticing and teasing you with their subtle sweet-talk – making it almost irresistible not to indulge further.

Although coconut is a prime ingredient used in Oh My Vegan’s fudge – the flavours are all very true to their name and coconut is simply a ship passing in the night.

“We absolutely believe our fudge is a winner and we’ve had a lot of feedback from both vegans and non-vegans suggesting this to be the general consensus,” Andrea shares.

“We believe we have tried all of the vegan fudge currently available in Australia – some of it is okay, some is pretty awful in our opinion. Most of it seems to be made by non-vegan businesses just offering a token gesture to vegans, assuming we have to take whatever we can get,” Andrea says.

Damn, most of us would be very familiar with the notion of that last statement – it’s the classic having to order the salad and fries at the non-vegan restaurant as a sad, main meal. Alas, Andrea and Matt have both been vegan for 13 years, so trust that they know how to NOT fudge it up.

There’s no doubt that all of the flavours are delightful, although five of them stand out to us:

Three in particular sparked taste memories – connecting us to forgotten foods from childhood, which was a zap of momentary nostalgia. The choc mint fudge is very reminiscent of Arnott’s Mint Slice Biscuits, the coffee flavour is very evocative of Kopiko Candy, while the caramel fudge is redolent of Werther’s Original caramels.

The cookies ‘n’ cream is our personal favourite – it has a little bit of everything, plus the added element of a textural adventure from the chunks of broken cookies intermingled throughout the velvety fudge.

And lastly, the dark choc chilli fudge – it’s just a bit zingy that leaves a mild chilli sensation in the back of your mouth. One fellow fudge sampler, Henry Barns-Tripp, best described this particular flavour as “that Jason Momoa and Superman meme.” Not creating our own meme from the viral image wasn’t an option – we’ve gotta say, Henry was pretty accurate with this descriptor.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme and Meme Generator

To be honest, that meme probably belongs in the bin and not the good kind, unlike Oh My Vegan’s completely compostable packaging. Andrea and Matt are leading the way stating, “it really isn’t even a choice in our minds to use compostable packaging – for us it’s the only option.”

“There are so many companies offering these options to businesses now and we’re hoping to see more and more products on shelves utilising these options.”

Incredible scenes, we love to see it – the only possible downside, for some consumers, that we came across is the use of sulfites in the fudge. Sulfites can cause allergy like reactions with symptoms such as wheezing in people with asthma, hay fever and can cause hives, according to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy. Andrea says this is an unavoidable ingredient in the fudge as the sulfites are already added to the liquid glucose which is a necessary part of the recipe. Unfortunately, finding a glucose syrup product that contains zero sulfites has been unsuccessful for Andrea and Matt. Although, they shared that amount of the glucose syrup within one bag of fudge would equate to around five grams.

If you’re not phased by or intolerant to sulfites in your food, then heck, it’s probably time to get on the fudge train. Click here and jump on Oh My Vegan’s website to order some fudge or see their list of stockists around Adelaide.

And in the affirming words of fudge sampler 2.0, Jacob Wright – “if you like fudge, you’ll like this.”

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