New Vegan Menu: Piccoli Piatti

Located in the heart of North Adelaide at number 21-23 O’Connell Street lies Piccoli Piatti – a chic Italian restaurant which opened in 2018, offering a modern dining experience for all to enjoy…including vegans!

Piccoli Piatti recently launched their new vegan menu listing entrees, mains, sides AND dessert to cater for the increasing demand of plant-based options as the scene in Adelaide grows. The launch was inspired by the two eldest children of Piccoli Piatti’s owner, Dyann Pryor, who have been vegan for over a decade – real MVPs!

“Restaurants have a duty of care to offer vegan and vegetarian meals alongside any other item offered for sale within its normal food, dessert and drinks menus – and the vegan menu is here to stay, 100 percent,” Dyann says.

We inhaled a few of their new vegan offerings – check them out below!



Bruschetta is a simple yet desirable entrée which kicked things off with a fresh combination of ingredients. Served upon three warm slices of fresh bread sits that irresistible marriage of Italian flavours – tomato, cheese and basil.

The tomato and basil were notably quality produce, which retained their crunch and compelling taste – even over the warm bread. The bread itself was light, fluffy, not at all dense and a reasonable height mind you, making for a mess-free mouthful.

To top it off – a cracking of pepper and a small amount of vegan cheese shreds which were slightly melted (as vegan cheese generally melts). The cheese gave us ‘aburi’ flavours, which in Japanese means ‘flame seared’, reminding us of that blow torched, grilled taste you often find at sushi restaurants – definitely not mad about it on our bruschetta! This entrée would be suitable for two or three people.


Pumpkin Pizza

This pumpkin pizza really was the stand out for us – it ticked every box as far as a tasty pizza goes. The tomato sugo base wore a crown built from roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, red onion, vegan mozzarella and leaves of fresh rocket.

The soft cubes of pumpkin delivered sweet notes, while the red onion and rocket leaves contrasted nicely with a peppery, savory hit on the palate. The pine nuts of course presented some textural satisfaction with a scattering of crunch, which broke through the gooey vegan mozzarella. The friendly staff informed us that the vegan cheese used on the pizza was made by the brand Dairy Free Down Under – and let me tell you, it melted excellently and had no plastic-y, coconut-y or soy-y aftertaste. The cheese was melted underneath the other toppings which in turn infused the gooiness with the saucy tomato base, making for a creamy experience.

As for the crust – it was of medium thickness, lovely and doughy with a bit of a chew.

Funghi Pasta

Mushroom lovers, this one goes out to you – penne pasta with sauteed mixed mushrooms, walnuts, parsley, truffle paste, white wine and olive oil, topped with herbed pangritata and fresh spring onion.

The penne itself was nothing short of al dente, while the abundance of mushrooms were well-cooked and dispersed inside and out of the hollow penne for a consistent smothering. The olive oil base gave this dish the moist element, rather than extreme sauciness – and hey, no sauce means no splatter, that’s a bonus in my books!

Again, pine nuts were sprinkled over the pasta for a crunchy element, likewise with the fresh spring onion. The inclusion of spring onion wasn’t actually listed on the menu, and if you’re like me and don’t particularly enjoy raw spring onion, I recommend asking the staff to hold-off on the spronion.

The truffle flavour wasn’t overly prominent amongst the combination of herbs which seemed to be oregano, thyme, parsley and basil – yummo. Overall, the funghi pasta was enjoyable in a rustic and homey kind of way – while my fellow diner, and I quote, “frothed it.”

Piccoli Piatti owner Dyann says, “the menu is here to stay and will evolve along with our regular menu changes to stay seasonal and delicious.”

With the launch of a separate vegan menu, one always wonders if vegan options will still be listed on the main menu for the meat-inclined eaters to see and choose from. Dyann informed us that, “yes, on our main menu we have quite a few options that state vegan option available (VOA). Those will always be present on our menu to provide variety to our guests.”

We also have the head chef and creator behind the vegan menu to thank – Ashleigh Barrie. The vegans of Adelaide and beyond will be licking their lips – but for now, click play and feast you eyes on our Instagram video below.

What: Piccoli Piatti
Where: 21-23 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide
When: Everyday, 8am – late

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