Event: Pizza, Party and Plant-Based – The Ultimate Three P’s Combo

Scrap your Friday plans – there’s a plant-based pizza party going down and tonight is your last chance to secure your ticket!

Reeling us into those sweet summery nights is the first Not From Nonna event at Summertown Studio – featuring live music, outdoor rug vibes and of course, vegan pizzas which nonna may or may not approve.

Summertown Studio

Expect to find pizzas with a focus on the versatility of fresh vegetables, instead of mock meats in the limelight. The vibrant veggies will be the star of the show and the delicious, earthy flavours will bring you back to basics to appreciate the delicate, yet punchy notes the soil provides us with…and of course a bit of vegan cheese for that gooey feel we all love and desire.

The menu is small, consisting of four $12 pizzas and a few shnacks, but for good reason. The one-off Not From Nonna event aims to test the market and receive valuable feedback for a (potential) permanent vegan pizza shop or cafe.

The event is the brain-child of 21 year-old, Taylor de Zylva, a fellow vegan and a visionary in the plant-based realm with the goal of owning her own eatery for all to enjoy.

Taylor de Zylva

“My other goal is to inspire non-vegan people – to show them that we don’t just eat lettuce, and that the food we create can be just as tasty without causing any harm,” Taylor shares.

“All my education has come from hands on experience. I’ve worked in lots of cafes, restaurants and a pizza shop – so I’m just kind of combining all my knowledge together,” Taylor continues.

As well as hosting the event, Taylor doubles as the pizza prepper AND part of the family/friends team who will be cooking the pizzas on the night. It’s as clear as a sunny November day that Taylor is a passionate entrepreneur with noble aspirations in creating a positive impact in the hospitality world.

As well as the pizzas on offer, there will be a small, but tasty drinks menu including wines, beers and a couple of cocktails to complete your Friday knock-offs – complete with live music by local artist, Jack Bonney.

The weather forecast isn’t looking entirely summery, but not to worry, indoor seating and couches are available to plonk your toosh.

Tickets for Not From Nonna are five dollary-doos each and sales end at 12am tonight! Tickets do not include food and drinks, so make sure you bring along some paper and coins as this is a cash only event.

Good luck, Taylor – we wish you all the success to achieve your goals.


What: Not From Nonna
Where: Summertown Studio, 13 Paringa Ave, Somerton Park
When: 29 November, 5pm – 10pm
Tickets: Click here

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