Event: D.I.whY Cooking Workshop To Spice Up Your Weekend

Curiosity regarding vegan and plant-based eating is ever-increasing within the Adelaide community. The keen interest is evident from the recent, thirteenth annual Vegan Festival – held in the larger Rundle Park/Kadlitpina for the first time, opposed to the former Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga site.

It can be tricky to stay on top of healthy eating if you’re new to the plant-based world, or if you’re already vegan and tend to fall into the junk food side of things. That’s why Adelaide local, Emily Petridis is here to help.

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Emily is a yoga life coach and energy coach, with years of experience aiding people in the realm of mind, body and soul, and has decided to expand her coaching talents – hosting her first D.I.whY Healthy Cooking Workshop on November 9.

During the workshop, participants will be shown how to cook vegan, gluten-free, low FODMAP foods, which they too, will have the opportunity to cook and indulge in amid the class – bring a container for leftovers!

“Think…cooking, eating, chatting, eating, reflecting, group sharing, eating,” Emily shares. “This will be a space to try and test first-hand a different way of approaching healthy eating – simple, nutritious and fun.”

Your ticket includes; all the ingredients you’ll be cooking with to produce a full meal, snacks and dessert, a tea selection if you desire, guided discussions and educational activities.

“The knowledge I’ll be applying to this workshop comes from over ten years of working with digestive issues, self educating, and trial and error. The icing on the cake was becoming a yoga life coach. I learnt about mindsets and pre-dispositions to the way we eat, why and how to choose differently,” Emily affirms.

“I work with beautiful people to make joy predominant in their life. I began my journey working with the physical as a personal trainer. Over the years I kept studying different styles of bodywork, positive energy work and yoga life coaching which is an entire system to step into joy, clarity and fun as primary emotions.

“It was a natural progression for me to keep learning and growing – this is human nature. As I keep learning my life becomes richer and naturally I want to share this and build community.

“My primary motivation is connected community, again this is human nature, to be inspired with life and the people around you. I want to create spaces for people to have conversation where they feel deeply engaged and present.

“This workshop will be another space for that with the unifying theme of food. Choosing a vegan menu wasn’t hard – I’ve been eating this way for a few years and my energy is soaring. All the things people warn you about have been proven untrue – my iron count went up, thyroid function improved and protein maintenance is easy,” Emily articulates.

Instagram: @emilypetridis

Although this workshop is edging on a sell out, Emily hopes to host a D.I.whY event every few months – so keep an eye out on Emily’s Facebook page (click here) for future events if you are interested in good food, health and supporting her noble pursuits.

“I hope we all feel inspired and clear on how valuable nutritious food is and confident to remove cooking as an obstacle,” Emily finishes.


What: D.I.whY Healthy Cooking Workshop
When: November 9, 12:30pm – 5pm
Where: Dulwich (address upon ticket purchase)
Tickets: Click here

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