New Menu Launch: The Lost Deli Found A Spot In Our Hearts

A mere five minute easterly drive from the CBD, you’ll find yourself at number 38 Charles Street in Norwood – home to a quaint plant-based cafe, The Lost Deli. The converted house turned eatery boasts locally sourced, seasonal produce with a strong ethos for zero additives, and good news – they have just launched their new spring/summer menu.

The latest menu comes from the brain-child of The Lost Deli’s new chef, Jordan Lucia – a creative for gourmet plant-based innovations. Cafe owners and husband/wife duo, Jen and Josie share their delight for chef Jordan to get experimental in the kitchen in order to reveal his imaginative talents and inspire vegan eating for all to enjoy.

Ahead of the menu launch, Jordan, Jen and Josie welcomed us into their beautiful cafe for a night of review – here’s what we thought about a selection of their new options:


Here we have the pea and broad bean salad with roasted hazelnuts, fresh herbs and almond fetta, topped with herb oil and parmesan. Now I know a lot of us don’t go out specifically to order a salad, but this one really is something else.

The peas were bursting with juices – like nature’s sago balls, if you will, while the broad beans offered a garden-fresh crunch. Throughout the dish, zesty aromatics from the herb oil coated the green, mean, mighty legumes for a powerful summery punch. Whereas the creaminess from almond fetta bonded the ingredients into a smooth, earthy potion in your gob – flawless.


Pictured above is the beautiful beetroot tartare with horseradish cashew cream, seasoned rye toast and micro herbs. This is chef Jordan’s take on a traditional raw mince tartare, minus the cruelty, cholesterol and all the other nas-tay things in between.

The horseradish and cashew cream blend is perfectly balanced, forming a pungent and rich hybrid. Being able to indulge in a creamy dish, knowing that you’re filling your body with more goodness than fat, is truly a plant-based blessing. The beetroot mince is punchy, crunchy and refreshing – you’ll be left feeling full without the addition of heaviness.


What a show stopper – romesco roast cauliflower with romesco sauce, herbed pearl barley salad with preserved lemon and green olives, and confit cherry tomatoes.

This roasted cauliflower is like something you’d see on an Instagram vegan cooking channel, which you’ve always wanted to try, but never gotten around to it. Well thanks to The Lost Deli, you can now simply indulge.

The cauliflower itself was melt in the mouth, with smokey undertones lingering over the taste buds, while the barley was cooked al dente – sounds funky, but that slight density is needed for a variety of textures. The sliced green olives amongst the barley is ingenious, adding to the tangy, tomato-based, Spanish romesco sauce.


Here we have jaffa mousse with maple honeycomb, cashew and date crumb with orange syrup. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this dessert had guests gobsmacked.

The exquisite mousse is made out of silken tofu, making it (you guessed it), silky smooth. If you don’t like tofu, don’t you worry, not a hint of that beany taste can be detected. Instead, the delicate ingredient aids in bringing out the flavours that really matter – the orange and the chocolate.

The cashew and date crumb gives the dessert a chewy element, while the fresh orange slices explode with vibrant squirts of citrus which cuts through the sweetness of the mousse extraordinarily. It’s one of those dishes that you wouldn’t even know is vegan unless someone told you.

Chef Jordan Lucia

What an absolute sensory adventure. The four creations we sampled were just a small portion of the many options available at The Lost Deli – but from what we experienced, you can’t really go wrong with which ever meal you decide to go for! The seasonal produce used to create these epic dishes really shows, as does Jordan, Jen and Josie’s passion for hospitality.

Do yourself a favour and get to the deli.


What: The Lost Deli
Where: 38 Charles Street, Norwood
When: Tues – Fri, 7:30am – 4pm and Sat – Sun 9am – 4pm

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