Photos: Smith & Daughters X Golden Boy Collaboration – Italo Boy

On Sunday 22 Sept, Adelaidians were blessed with the collaboration of the century – Melbourne’s plant-based restaurant, Smith & Daughters took over the kitchen at Adelaide’s Thai hot spot, Golden Boy. The spectacular event will forever live in our hearts as ‘Italo Boy’.

For one night and one night only, diners were invited to Golden Boy to indulge in a set Italian degustation menu, consisting of items which can be found on the menu at Smith & Daughters’ eatery in Fitzroy, Melbourne – what a treat.

Smith & Daughters have been in the plant-based business since 2014, and is infamously known amongst the vegan community around Australia – with some foodies travelling to Melbourne specifically to gorge on the sensational creations on offer…a.k.a, art.

We thought you might be curious yourself, as to what Smith & Daughters served up at last weekend’s degustation dinner – so we gathered a few snaps of what we ate on the night. It’s a teaser of what to expect if you go to Melbourne, if you will…or hopefully what we can expect in another future collaboration!

Here’s a number of the tasty delights:


Carpaccio with grissini
Garlic focaccia with chilli and finnel salami
Crudites with bagna cauda


Slow braised ragu with soft polenta


Caesar Salad


Limoncello granita

The innovative vegan meats were truly delectable – they tasted and felt like old school Italian deli slices. Luckily Smith & Daughters have a sister shop, Smith & Deli in Melbourne, where people can get their hands on sliced vegan meats, just like at a standard continental deli.

The crudites with bagna cauda had a few customers raising their eyebrow, however the fresh vegetables really did serve as a light palate cleanser, and definitely added a healthful element to the degustation. Bagna cauda is a traditional Italian sauce made from garlic and anchovies (not actual anchovies in this case), and is often served with raw or cooked vegetables. Think of it as a kinda of fondue for those crunchy, beautiful veggies.

We can only pray that Smith and Daughters will return to Adelaide for a second night of plant-based Italian dining in the future – trust us, it’s a must-suss!

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