Slice Of The Pie: Fantastic Pizza Bases And Where To Find Them

For many of us out there, pizza is our savior. Truth be told, pizzerias across Adelaide sure know how to turn it up when it comes to a slice of cheesy vegan heaven. However, the increase of legit tasting mock meats and plant-based cheeses (that actually melt) are on the rise, and this of course has many of us raising a concerned, trust issue-ridden eyebrow. That’s where Zero Food comes into the game!

Zero Food are a 100 percent vegan food brand, and they’re producing pizza bases like no other on the market. They’re made from just; rice, water, salt and citrus extract – and they’re the only ones in the world made from either black or red rice, all ready for you to create a pizza concoction in the comfort of your home ristorante.

Yes, that’s right, as well as being vegan, they’re also gluten-free! Tell your gluten-free friends, they’ll thank you lat-…straight away! Oh, not to mention, they’re also; low FODMAP, certified organic, GMO-free, high in antioxidants, fiber and protein, low in fat and salt and contain zero sugar. In the words of an iconic S**tAdelaide-ian, “it doesn’t get much better than that.”

We spoke with Zero Food Director, Alex Karamouzis, about the business and what they stand for.

“The journey started when I was younger – I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. My tears prompted my dad, now business partner in Zero, to create a pizza base that I could eat. Zero has been trading for two years now!

“We work directly with rice farmers in the pristine highlands of Central Java and ensure that only the best products reach customers.

“We didn’t have veganism in mind to begin with, my dad only had me in mind. As the idea evolved and our understanding of the key concepts behind veganism evolved, we thought more and more that it was a cause we should get behind,” Alex shared.

So how do they weigh up? Zero Food sent us some of their pizza bases to put to the test – here’s what we think.

Taste: The pizza base definitely tastes ricey, but it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t get in the way of the topping’s flavour. It’s a healthy kind of taste, but it’s a pleasant reminder that you’re doing good for your body and soul. Another added bonus is the inviting smell of popcorn while it’s in the oven.

Texture: The pizza base is quite dense – it doesn’t puff, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…what you see is what you get – we liked it. As with some wheat-based pizza bases, they can become a bit soggy and floppy – Zero Food pizza bases hold their shape and Sog City is no where to be found. Whole grains of rice can be found throughout the base making for an extra bit of crunch.

Looks: The pizza base is really quite thin, but it sure is filling as it’s jam packed with all that ricey fibre! The black rice pizza base is deep purple in colour, and the red rice pizza base is a light pinkish hue.

Overall: Zero Food pizza bases are a healthy alternative to the standard pizza base. They definitely have the ability to replace a thin crust, wheat-based option, all while tasting wonderful with the multitude of added benefits as stated above.

You can get your hot little hands on Zero Food‘s pizza bases at these Foodland stores:

  • Pasadena Foodland
  • Frewville Foodland
  • Norwood Foodland
  • Sefton Park Foodland
  • Henley Square Foodland

Keep an eye out on Zero Food’s stocklist page for updates, or alternatively you can order your pizza bases from Zero Food‘s online store and have them delivered straight to your door!

For now, Alex leaves us with these words of encouragement –

“We love to see recipes made by our customers. Tag us on Instagram, @zerofoods with a Zero recipe!”

Better get cooking peeps!

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