Real Falafel Serving Up Really Falafing Good Food

Falafel hankerings aren’t a rare occurrence here at the Adelaide Vegan Review…and we’re guessing for a lot of you too. Well, never fear, we’ve found just the place to satisfy your cravings.

Tucked soundly within the bustling Adelaide Central Market and Plant 4 Bowden lies Real Falafel, a traditional Middle Eastern falafel bar bursting with vibrancy – not just from the fresh display of ingredients, but also the stall itself…and there’s a reason why.

Real Falafel owner, Mitch Aldawsari, fled his Saudi Arabian homeland five years ago to seek freedom and acceptance of his sexuality. After finding his place in South Australia, and teaming up with fellow local entrepreneur, Matt Lazarus, Real Falafel was born in 2018…and suitably painted the colours of the rainbow to embody diversity and the celebration of individuals no matter their sexuality.

“I wanted create something that represented my home whilst also symbolising inclusivity and awareness about the gay community,” Mitch shares.

Mitch Aldawsari at the Central Market Real Falafel

As for the food, same goes – pink pickled turnips and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes line the window display, all ready and waiting to jump into a pita pocket or falafel bowl for your prompt devouring.

The menu is Israeli in style with approximately 60 percent of options being vegan, and the remaining 40 percent being vegetarian, with all the ingredients sourced straight from the Central Markets…and it shows!

Here are just two of the vegan choices up for grabs, all inclusive of Mitch’s grandmother’s A-grade falafel recipe:

Falafel bowl with eggplant
Falafel pita

We hummust say, these falafel dishes were truly delicious. Both the bowl and pita pocket burst with flavours true to the Middle East, and served justice with the fresh ingredients from the markets. The pickled turnip and cucumber gave a mighty refreshing crunch and a certain sweetness, all while not overbearing the star of the show – the falafel. The falafel filling was delicately smooth, with a thin layer of golden crunch, all whilst not turning into a greasy mass…and nicely salted indeed. Same goes for the chips – beautifully light, almost as if they were air fried.

If these options don’t tickle your fancy, you can also snack on; a hummus and falafel bowl, hand-cut chips, sweet potato fries, and a variety of dips. Or perhaps a take-home pack of ten falafels and a 220 gram tub of hummus should do the trick.

Mitch reckons, “my grandmother’s falafel recipe is so good that I think it has the potential to see Real Falafel open up all around Australia.” As for the next year, with retail support and guidance from Matt, Mitch plans to spread the falafel love around South Aus with more stores and stands in mind!

Sometimes a few deep fried balls of chickpea goodness and some hectic smooth hummus is all you need.


What: Real Falafel
Where: Shop 22A Central Market Arcade and Plant 4 Bowden

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