2019 Beer & BQQ Festival Vegan Options Guide

Although you may be disgusted by the mere thought of attending a barbecue festival given the traditional entailment of this type of event, there are some good things that can come from this year’s Beer & BBQ Festival…vegan options.

This weekend the Adelaide Showgrounds will be transformed into a mecca for beer lovers, and we can guaranteed there are a plethora of beer-loving vegans roaming the streets of our city – all deserving of a pint of liquid gold (or seven) and a greasy cruelty-free meal. Well never fear, we’ve compiled a list of all the vendors serving vegan options in case you are worried about the potential lack of choice. The thought of missing out on DJ Yella’s set from N.W.A just wouldn’t be fair to us veegs. We’ve chucked a vego list below too – maybe you have a vegetarian friend who isn’t quite on the vegan train yet and is keen to attend.

Vegan Options:

  • Bread & Bone Wood Grill
  • Comida Catering Co.
  • Eat8bit
  • Four Seeds
  • Gus Love at Mal & Mates
  • Karena Armstrong & Emma McCaskill at Mal & Mates
  • Pizzateca
  • Staazi & Co – The Greek Vegan Project
  • Simon Bryant at Mal & Mates
  • Syrian Mobile Disco
  • The Filipino Project
  • TOLY Vietnamese

Vegetarian Options:

  • BUKBUKsouthernhot
  • Comida Catering Co.
  • Sneaky Pickle
Image sourced from Gang Gang

Supporting these businesses’ meatless meals at this year’s Beer & BBQ Festival can hopefully up the demand for more options at the sixth festival next year. We can only dream of a future where the mass torture of animals is eradicated, but this list of options show us that change is taking place and the future of cruelty-free living is looking bright!


What: Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival
When: Friday 12, Saturday 13, Sunday 14
Where: Adelaide Showgrounds
Tickets: Click here