Review: We Tried Balfours’ Vegan Pies And We Weren’t Disap-pie-nted

In the past-y, vegans haven’t had a whole lot of luck when it comes to an abundance of options, but it’s 2019 and vegans are now quite literally getting a slice of the pie. Balfours Bakery have just launched a vegan pie range, set to hit the stores (and stomachs) on July 15!

It’s been a solid 24 hours since the four flavours were released, so we expect you to have pie-gh hopes and be marinating in anticipation – but how do they weigh up on the taste-o-metre?

Well, last night we were lucky enough to indulge in said pies at Balfours’ 165th birthday shindig, and we can safely say they are far from b-leek. Here’s the verdict in the words of fellow (and anonymous) pie-munchers!

Mushroom, kale & leek pie

Sourced from Balfours Bakery

“I love how you can actually see the ingredients you are eating…slices of mushroom and pieces of wilted kale. The most trustworthy pie I’ve eaten.”

“This is what I’ve been waiting for…a pie that uses fresh veggies which really stand out in every bite! I know plant-based meats can be great in pies, but sometimes going back to basics really pays off.”

“It’s not trying to be something it’s not…no surprise flavours, nothing overbearing, simply mushroom and kale and leek.”

“It’s not greasy or fatty like meat pies usually are…it’s light, yet filling…minus the guilt.”

“The pastry isn’t overly thick, so you don’t end up eating too much pastry per mouthful…a good ratio.”

Roast vegetable pasty

Sourced from Balfours Bakery

“The filling is not your standard pasty filling…it’s like an Italian pasty…kind of like a deconstructed lasagne. I like it!”

“The capsicum is the main vegetable I suppose, which gives the pasty a pleasant sweetness.”

“It’s mildly spicy, so if you’re into that kinda thing it’s a winner, but if you’re into more subtle or traditional pasty elements, perhaps the mushroom, kale and leek pie is for you.”

“I wasn’t expecting a tomatoey filling, but I’m into it.”

“What have we got here – zucchini, capsicum, tomato, beans and onion, by the looks of it. Delicious.”

“It has pretty exotic flavours! There’s no noticeable chunks of potato, peas, corn or carrot as you would find in a traditional pasty, but traditionalism isn’t always the way it goes, this is the future.”

Curried lentil and potato pie

Sourced from Balfours Bakery

“It’s so punchy and packed with flavour! It’s not what I would describe as ‘spicy’ either…’curry’ doesn’t always mean ‘chilli’…I’m getting more hints of cumin and turmeric.”

“It’s not runny like a lot of curry pies tend to be. It’s honestly a perfect consistency, sort of like a thick dahl.”

“The texture of the lentils really make this pie pop, there’s a bit of resistance in every bite instead of mush.”

“Ooft, this pie warms my soul. What a better time to launch a curry pie too, in winter…Netflix, cuddles ‘n’ curry lentil pie.”

“I can’t wait lentil I can buy them from my local supermarket.”

Potato, leek & rosemary roll

“It tastes like a Sunday roast, all wrapped up nicely into about eight convenient mouthfuls. It tastes like home.”

“I like the texture – it isn’t chunky and it’s quite smooth, making for a mess-free experience.”

“The rosemary notes are very subtle…there’s no overpowering herbs involved.”

“You probably wouldn’t even know that it’s vegan unless someone told you. It just tastes like a lovely sausage roll.”

“It’s moist on the inside, but the pastry is still crunchy and firm – it holds together pretty well.”

“I’m not really into the texture of the filling…I suppose it’s a bit like a puree, but that can be great for some people…people with difficulties chewing perhaps.”

So there you have it – a guide to your potential pie-purchasing decision. Although, you might have to just try them all, as they were comp-leek-ly on f-leek.

Thank you Balfours Bakery, this really is a wonderful step in the right direction for the animals and the environmental crisis – you’re the real MVPies. Although, we don’t think we noticed any vegan sweets – perhaps there’s still shroom for improvement? Pie-c drop.


What: Balfours Bakery launch vegan range
When: 15 July 2019
Where: Your local Balfours supplier, including delis and supermarkets

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