Ban Ban Sees A Speedy Solution For A Slippery Situation

Korean eatery, Ban Ban, has been hailed over the past six months as one of Adelaide’s vegan friendly hot spots – reeling plentiful customers in with their vegan Korean fried chick’n.

The siren call of deep fried food renders (most of) us humans weak, however Ban Ban’s deep fryers have recently caused a stir within the vegan community, deterring a number of individuals away from an occasional dose of chick’n.

Last week we spotted a Facebook discussion encompassing clear mixed emotions. The post claimed that Ban Ban shares their deep fryers with both vegan and non-vegan products. In many people’s eyes, this deems Ban Ban’s vegan items including the chick’n, rice cakes and chips, as not truly vegan – so we decided to investigate.

Ban Ban’s vegan fried chick’n

Upon a friendly chat with Ban Ban co-owner, Darren Song, he confirmed the sticky situation and expressed his sheer concern regarding the controversy.

“Our sincere apologies to the vegan community as this is our responsibility as a diner to be sensitive to matters like this, and being ill-educated should not be an excuse,” Darren shared.

“Immediately after being aware of this issue, we consulted with our chefs. We have placed orders for new smaller deep fryers that we will use for deep frying our non-meat products.

“In hindsight, we did not consult the vegan community before introducing vegan chick’n in our menu. Not being vegan – this is our fault for not doing through research.”

Ban Ban is a local Adelaide business and depends on your support to thrive. Return customers are greatly valued and Darren sincerely wishes to see those averted chick’n fans back in store, continuing to enjoy their crispy pieces of wheat protein goodness.

As a result of our inquiry, both the Franklin Street store and Rundle Mall Plaza store will see the new deep fryers in full swing, expectantly by the end of next week, Darren says.

“We are always open to constructive feedback and we try to be inclusive whenever we can. If there’s something we can do better or differently, please let us know.

“We hope that we will be given another chance to serve the vegan community awesome fried chick’n!”

Kudos to Ban Ban for being utterly understanding, shining a light at the end of the tunnel for the Korean fried chick’n lovers of Adelaide. We’ll see you there!


What: New deep fryers
When: Expectant implementation by the end of next week
Where: 145 Franklin Street, Adelaide and Level 1 Rundle Mall Plaza

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