Popular Food Truck Staazi & Co Are Adding Walls To Their Wheels

Words by Rebecca Chave, photos by Dale Anninos-Carter

After recently joining Uber Eats, popular food truck, Staazi & Co Greek Vegan Project is swapping the wheels for walls as they temporarily set up shop in the former East End Yiros store at 224 Grenfell Street in the CBD.

The almost two-year-old business serves up Adelaide’s finest plant-based Greek cuisine, with the likes of their famous yiros and AB containing unbelievable plant-based meats. The unique meaty composition has even the most omnivorous fooled – see for yourself at the upcoming Beer & BBQ Festival. Last year’s Vegan Palooza saw customers happily queuing for over 40 minutes to get their serve of ‘lamb’ yiros, chips and a healthy dose of garlic sauce.

Now the business is taking further strides to make their delicious 100 per cent vegan menu accessible for all by providing a location for those who don’t deem themselves an avid ‘Staazi stalker’ – following their social media for updates on where they’ll next appear and then immediately buying tickets to said event.

Well either way we’re betting the queue outside of Staazi’s new three-month-long establishment will wind all the way up Grenfell Street. After all, Staazi founder, Anastasia Lavrentiadis spent a year creating and eventually finding the prefect ‘lamb’ yiros recipe using textured vegetable protein.

The current food truck menu features crowd favourites including their AB, loaded fries, hot chips and sweet baklava, with a promise to add more options for those who don’t want to eat plant-based meats at the new location.

“That’s fine, we’ll do more traditional Greek dishes – not street food, like wholefoods, beans and potatoes and chickpeas,” Anastasia shared in an interview with CityMag.

“I’m still going to do my van and be mobile and do all of those events, but I’m going to have that for three months, see how it goes, and if it does take off and if it’s viable, then yeah we will look at staying there longer term.

“I’m here to show people that, don’t worry, you can still have a greasy yiros, if you’re hanging out for one.”

The new CBD location will be the test to see if a central space is viable for the business.

Opening hours are expected to be announced later on socials. It is advised that credit cards are brought along as the venue is cashless peeps.

We’ll see all you reformed ‘Staazi stalkers’ in the queue in mid-July – the specific date it to be announced!


What: Staazi & Co Greek Vegan Project
Where: 224 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, 5000
When: Date changed from 1 July to mid-July (TBA)

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