Save The Planet And Your Sundays With This Cleaning Crusader

Cleaning can be a love-hate relationship for some of us – factor in the use of harsh chemicals and the good can definitely outweigh the bad, not only for your health, but for the environment too. Luckily, One Love Cleaning Co. owner, Chantelle Meltz, has found a way to safely do your dirty work.

Established in 2017, One Love Cleaning Co. is an Adelaide based residential cleaning business that utilises chemical free, recycled and environmentally safe Enjo products to make your home glow…and it’s all plant-based and zero waste!

Combating environmental degradation should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list, and it can be as simple as how you clean your loo. Many toxic chemicals in conventional cleaning products contribute to air pollution, contamination of water resources, and are toxic to both animals and plants.
Chantelle explains that due to the increased awareness of these consequences, more and more people are leaning towards One Love Cleaning Co. for low impact solutions to “stem the degradation that is happening every day.”

You may have heard of Enjo – an iconic household name in terms of cleaning equipment, and rightfully so. Chantelle chose to implement the use of Enjo products not only due to their shared ethos, but also as the handcrafted fibre technology makes for impeccable cleanliness. The unique weave of each Enjo product works to trap and physically hold dirt and bacteria, which is released when the fibres are washed. Say goodbye to those nasty chemicals!

One Love Cleaning Co. before and after

Aside from priding themselves on sustainability, One Love Cleaning Co. also highly regard implementing genuine customer service, facilitating the specific needs, budgets and time frames of clients.

“I have great passion and drive to provide impeccable service, whilst not skimping on the connection to our customers and their families. My clients are the bread and butter, but they are also very important to me and aren’t just generic faces in a large system,” Chantelle shares.

Offering weekly and fortnightly services, window, spring and rental exit cleaning, you will be feeling guilt-free in your shimmering, non-toxic abode in no time. And if you find yourself ultimately defeated by the hygiene hassle/hustle, One Love Cleaning Co. can also provide a once-off cleansing…hallelujah!

Chantelle Meltz

Chantelle is a prolific entrepreneur, having operated multiple companies since 2006. With the task of raising three children, she understands how precious one’s time and freedom can be – a leading factor towards the success and positive reputation of One Love Cleaning Co.

“It brings me great joy knowing that as a result of cleaning for a client, they and their families can come home and cook together, read, play board games, enjoy the outdoors and soak in the tub…the list goes on!” Chantelle says.

“The sense of satisfaction I receive from helping them and giving them back time is more than satisfying.”

Reclaim your Sunday mornings all whilst doing what is right for our planet. To find out more and get in contact with One Love Cleaning Co., click here to visit their Facebook page.