Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day Vigil With The Animal Justice Party SA

While marking your ballot papers during the recent election, you may have noticed the Animal Justice Party of South Australia (AJP SA) printed upon your sheet. Perhaps you were unsure of their policies or what they could do for you. We’re here to tell you one of them – banning live transportation.

AJP SA are passionately fighting for the freedom of living, breathing, sentient beings, and they welcome you to participate in their educational demonstration and phone-light vigil to stop live transportation. The gathering will be held on June 14 at 5:30pm in the heart of Adelaide – the pedestrian intersection where Gawler Place and Rundle Mall meet.

The purpose of the vigil/demonstration is to simply spread peaceful awareness with the public, shedding light regarding the atrocities that animals unfairly face every single day. Not just sheep in abhorrent shipping facilities, but also the doomed cows, chickens and pigs, to name a few, that are driven past and more-so than not, turned a blind eye.

“Last year the Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day saw over 150 events in over 33 countries as animal rights advocates acted to raise public awareness of the suffering animals endure in trucks, ships, aeroplanes and containers,” AJP SA shares.

“It’s tragic that we still need to be raising awareness by holding such a direct impact event in 2019,” AJP Lead Senate Candidate, Louise Pfeiffer says.

“The trade lost its social license decades ago.

“We fight to end all forms of live animal transport whether it be by boat, truck or aeroplane.”

A minute of silence will take place at 6:30pm, concluding the assemblage, where participants will use their phone flashlight as a makeshift candle, and stand in solidarity to remember the three billion innocent animals that are killed globally every single day…and that’s just for human consumption.

Bring your AJP signs, ban live export signs and a whole lot of compassion…oh and don’t forget to charge your phones!


When: Friday, June 14 at 5:30pm
Where: Corner of Gawler Place and Rundle Mall
Minute of silence and vigil: 6.30pm

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