Let Them Eat Spreads Their Goodies Across Adelaide With New Partnership

Local business, Let Them Eat, is no stranger amongst the Adelaide vegan scene, with eateries across the ‘burbs from the Central Markets, to Burnside and Marion. You’ve probably also seen their pop-up stores at festivals with the likes of Groovin’ The Moo and Fringe Festival.

These three permanent locations mark a safe haven for quick, yet delectably fresh, savory vegan options, and now you can pick up some of their best sellers from selected Foodland stores!

Let Them Eat‘s kimchi fritters, mac and not cheese, and falafels are now available in the deli section at Norwood, Frewville and Saints Foodlands! It’s a yes from us.

Kimchi Fritters

Let Them Eat Manager, Danielle Frankish says, “Convenience is key – it is what our food is about and buying it at the supermarket really embodies that. We have the capacity to produce more and this is a great way to take our food to the people without having to open multiple stores around Adelaide.”

So why the deli section, you ask? Let Them Eat pride themselves on using minimal or compostable packaging, and by utilising the deli section they are able to continue their environmentally friendly ways. ‘Fresh’ is also Let Them Eat‘s middle name, and thus incorporating their products in the long shelf life section is contradictory to the business’s modus operandi.

Never to fear if those three Foodland stores aren’t your local, Let Them Eat are scheming to have more of the South Australian supermarkets onboard so you can enjoy fresh, healthy, convenient eating at your fingertips. We’ll keep you updated on the flavoursome goss!

Let Them Eat has indeed come a long way since its beginnings 11 years ago from inside a cooking school kitchen. Danielle says, “it is beyond anything we ever expected.”

Keep your eyes peeled at Norwood, Frewville and Saints Foodlands, or chuck them a visit at their Burnside, Marion or Central Markets cafes.


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