Welcome To The Adelaide Vegan Review

Welcome aboard vegans and non-vegans alike to The Adelaide Vegan Review – a platform exclusively for the latest vegan news in Adelaide, South Australia!

This website aims to keep everyone ‘in the know’ about what’s on, what’s new, and where to find all those delicious vegan treaties and sweeties.

Veganism is a rapidly expanding lifestyle across the globe and Adelaide is no exception, with businesses and events poppin’ up all over the shop. Not to mention all the exciting new products expanding the aisles at the big grocery stores (you know what I mean – those vegan Magnums are next level).

Anyway…tasty vegan options at non-vegan restaurants and cafes are debately best come-by via word of mouth, but The Adelaide Vegan Review has got your back, documenting all the eateries upgrading their menu items to cater for all – hallelujah.

Although this is early stages for the review, we’re on a mission to help the vegans, veggies and omnis of Adelaide on their journey to a scrumptious and compassionate meal, wherever they may be.

We encourage you to get in touch at adelaideveganreview@gmail.com if you’ve got some vegan news you would like shared, to help build a wonderful community.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Adelaide Vegan Review, and a big warm welcome once again.